2013-02-04 It's heartening to see our rich heritage of Classical music being preserved and propagated by this generation too.. I was listening to the music ... and wished it would go on and on..  I wish you all the success in this beautiful endeavor..  May your tribe increase.
Sowmya Raoh (Artiste / Singer), Bollywood

2013-02-04 I recently had the privilege of listening to The Essential Raag and I was so impressed after listening to the Cd’s. In a world that is filled with multi-tasking, stress, and relentless demands, this music gave me permission to step back and feel the divine nature of just being still amongst all the chaos. The Essential Raag evokes peaceful and emotionally rich states of bliss. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to delve into a deeper and more pure state of awareness. This is something I will continue to listen to daily to keep me grounded and on track with my life's larger picture.
Feona Lee Jones (pianist & composer), San Francisco, CA

2013-02-04 An inspirational work.  A must have for any classical music lover.  It is so heartening to know that classical music of such great standard continues to thrive in Pakistan.
Usha Arunachalam, San Francisco, CA

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