The Essential Raag is our tribute to the might Indus river, which has defined and nourished the diverse people of the Indian subcontinent since the beginning of civilization. It is also our tribute to the people of this land, and especially those talented musicians who, like the Indus that freely gives life to an otherwise arid land, have for centuries freely composed their life-giving music for the souls of their people.

The project features 19 Master Pakistani Artistes, with all original works recorded in high-definition audio, showcasing the traditional and ancient classical styles of vocal, instrumental, solo and Sufi Qawwalis. A total of over 600 minutes of audio music.

The project is presented in ten audio CD’s, a documentary film on a DVD, showcasing artist interviews and studio performances, a Best of Works video illustration DVD specially mixed in surround sound 5.1, a 106 page hard cover book, all packaged in a handsome wooden case. The project showcases some of the best classical musicians of South Asia, different ‘gharanas’ and their unique performance styles.

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